Aspiring to Be Magazine is a resource founded by sisters Dianna Auton and Rachel Storms. Their desire is to teach and encourage women in all walks of life. The idea of a magazine was birthed in 2013 but the timing was not right. Both are moms of girls and both homeschool. Between that, church and other activities they had to put the idea of this magazine on the back burner. However, after a while they couldn’t shake the idea that this was something they should do.

After much prayer the magazine was born. As they talked to women it became evident that this was something that was needed and several wanted to be a part of it. They currently have 5 other women involved and are looking for more to join their team. As we grow, the columns will grow. New things will be added and more people will be reached.

Because we are a Christian magazine our writing standards are high, as well as our beliefs. All people interested will have to stand in agreement with our mission and goals, as well as our beliefs. Each new person is prayerfully considered.

If you are interested in submitting an article for the magazine you can do so by emailing it to: aspiringtobemag@gmail.com (please allow 1 week for response).


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